Taylor Swift’s $5 Billion Boost to the U.S. Economy This Year

Taylor Swifts 5 Billion Boost to the U.S. Economy This Year

Starting in March this year, Taylor Swift kicked off her Eras tour in the U.S., performing 53 sold-out shows in 20 cities. Later, she began touring internationally.
Swift’s Eras tour outshone many other artists’ successful tours. It broke records for ticket sales. Swift’s impact wasn’t just artistic and emotional for her fans, but also economic as she toured through cities.

The numbers show the Eras tour’s impressive economic boost. It’s estimated to have generated about 5 billion USD in spending in U.S. cities.


The U.S. Tourism Association calculates that Swift’s domestic tour added 5 billion USD to the U.S. economy. This includes money spent by fans on travel, hotel stays, and other expenses while attending her concerts.

Swift enriched not just herself with the Eras tour. Economists recognize her positive impact on the U.S. economy.

For example, during her two shows in Denver, Colorado, each fan spent an average of 1,300 USD on hotels, travel, food, shopping, etc. These two shows in Denver boosted Colorado’s economy by 140 million USD.

With six shows in Los Angeles, California, Swift performed for half a million fans and boosted the state’s economy by nearly 320 million USD.

It’s clear that Swift’s tour has boosted the economy in many U.S. states, as well as the overall U.S. economy this year.

Professor Carolyn Sloan from the University of Chicago told Forbes magazine, “Taylor Swift is like a large, multi-sector corporation. She can boost the economy in many areas. We underestimated her economic significance. This year’s figures leave no doubt about it.”

The spending of Swift’s fans at her concerts has brought joyous economic signals to many U.S. cities and states. Fans’ enthusiasm for traveling across cities and states, staying in hotels, shopping, dining, sightseeing, and having fun has given a boost to the economies of places the Eras tour visited.

U.S. business magazines like Fortune and The Wall Street Journal have analyzed the economic effects Taylor Swift has had on the U.S. economy.

After the winter break, Taylor Swift will continue her tour in February 2024 in some Asian countries, before heading to Europe in the summer. At the tour’s end, she will return to the U.S. for autumn performances.

The Washington Post estimates that Swift’s earnings from her music career will exceed 4 billion USD after the Eras tour ends. No other music star has ever achieved this in history.

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